Volunteering & Donating

Volunteering. Volunteers are critical to our mission. People of diverse experiences share their time, energy, and talents by performing a variety of jobs. These include: stocking shelves, sorting food, interviewing clients, entering data, bagging groceries, cleaning, repacking perishable foods, collecting donated goods, and delivering food to senior citizens. We also need volunteers for our community food drives. If you are interested in volunteering, please contact us at (406) 782-3814 or email us. You can also download, print, fill-out, and return our volunteer form.

Those wishing to remember friends during special occasions with a gift to the Food Bank …. Send us your check (or use PayPal) and let us know the person you wish to gift, and we’ll send a card to announce your gift.

Donating. All donations are gratefully received. Memorial donations for both the deceased and the living are arranged on a daily basis, with cards sent to the memorialized. To donate, please contact us at (406) 782-3814.

Donations accepted with PayPal!